This Microsoft Visio application add-in is used to create visually appealing database entity-relationship diagrams. The add-in can be assigned to read table information from an MS-SQL database and populate a Visio diagram with the table information.

SketchBot will enable you to create entity relation diagrams from existing databases. SketchBot will populate all the shape data fields to match the database. For example, it will find triggers, apply data types, index and uniqueness notation.

Technologies: SQL Server, C#, WPF, MVVM, Microsoft Visio Automation

YouTube Demonstration

You can find videos related to SketchBot and other topics on my YouTube channel. Just search for Delaney's space.


SketchBot does more than creating entity relationship diagrams. These diagrams also can be used with ScriptBot. Head over to ScriptBot.io for find out more.