using diagrams

and templates

This verison requires a copy of Microsoft Visio to create the diagrams. Furture versions will include a diagram editor.


ScriptBot is a low-code solution used to generate your various layers of object-oriented code, consisting of thousands of lines of code. Additionally, the code is readable, commented and understandable to give the option of manual maintainability. ScriptBot can generate source code in any language.
ScriptBot works with Visio diagrams created by a template to generate code in the languages and design patterns of your choice, all while maintaining security, reliability and scalability. The generated solution is entirely decoupled from ScriptBot.

Efficiency Gains

ScriptBot can generate the majority of an application. Also, the generated code will not have to be rigorously tested with TDD because the ScriptBot template has already been tested. Remember, with ScriptBot, you spend more time creating and less time on repetitive work.

ScriptBot is not about reducing your value as a developer, instead it lets you produce more value while saving time.

Low-Code ASP.NET 3.1 MVC C# Web App

Tables: 40
Fields: 284
Relationships: 51
Render Time: 71 days* in 25 seconds**


Working Days Weeks Months
Generated Code 71.73 14.34 3.59
Manual Code 40.26 8.05 2.01
Completed App 111.97 22.39 5.60

Low-Code WPF MVVM C# Desktop App

Tables: 27
Fields: 190
Relationships: 40
Render Time: 28 days* in 15 seconds**


Working Days Weeks Months
Generated Code 28.21 5.64 1.41
Manual Code 13.01 2.60 0.65
Completed App 41.22 8.24 2.06

* Assumptions: Average word length = 5, Works per minute = 25, Hours in a working day = 8.
** ScriptBot running on an Intel 3.40 GHz i7.

Illustrated Potential of ScriptBot

Web applications can be complex. Complexity increases as the number of domain objects increases. Developers also have to consider security, logging and email for commercial applications. ScriptBot will take care of all of this.
ScriptBot can create all the required layers for an MVVM desktop application, freeing up time to develop compelling user interface and other features.
A C# Models class. The model layer contains many classes. • Scripbot can ensure reposiories and a unit of work class are present in your data access layer. • Large enterprise applications take months to write and test. ScriptBot will generate this code in seconds.
ASP.NET Razor pages.
SQL table creation scripts. This sample is for SQL Server, but ScriptBot can also create scripts of other databases.
I find it helpful to have access to a database diagram when developing an enterprise application. So I built SketchBot to read database schemas from SQL Server databases and create entity relationship diagrams. The result is passed to ScriptBot.

Future Development

The ScriptBot engine is presently driven by a Windows desktop application (code generated of course). The next stage is to put it behind a web app, with tools to create diagrams and templates. A market place could then emerge for developers to sell their templates.

YouTube Demonstration

You can find videos related to ScriptBot and other topics on my YouTube channel. Just search for Delaney's space.

Generate C# Class Library

Generate SQL Server Database Creation Scripts

Introduction to ScriptBot